The Strength In Our Struggle

Some people get stuck in the struggle, not knowing what to do next and feeling helpless. We see the situation as probably one of the most painful situations that we have dealt with. The situation might feel like the most crippling, heart stifling, mind boggling, unbearable pain. This struggle is meant to build your strength not knock you down. There is a reason for those feelings to arise because the purpose within you is meant to feel the pain of what it takes to arrive at our dreams . Embrace your present weakness, be thankful because you’re being built for your greatness. The point though is to not get “stuck”. Not to feel like this is what you are, “Helpless”. Believe that you will have the skills that it takes to offer your purpose. The importance of Faith is imperative to becoming what God has destined for you. See the Blessing in the hardship and envision the overall blessing that will be the outcome. See your future as your destined kingship and you will receive your crown according to your mustard seed faith.  Mood: Blessed




Have you ever sat back and wondered how certain people receive greatness when you know their heart is dis shuffled and spiteful? I can’t say I haven’t and I can’t say It hasn’t bothered me but I realize everything has it’s seasons. It’s not that people are being blessed more than us it’s possibly we are not pondering on how blessed we are or focusing on the doors that were shut and the ones that have opened. Just because you openly see someone doing well through possible fictitious external appearance doesn’t mean their life is better. Some front to appear better but hurt deeper than the next man.
We enable our outcome by our thought process. We give life to our thoughts by putting forth the energy of positivity and negativity. That’s why mere belief in receiving what’s ours is what blesses us. We believe in a higher being who exemplifies care and concern and if we ask for our blessings they will come with flight within our path. 
Blessings are Gods way of allowing us to appreciate his presence and he allows us to see the unseen yet believe. Never look to your right or your left to glance at what Gods allowed in another mans life but be thankful always for being in the path set and focus on your blessings and you will be exceedingly happy to know that you truly are blessed. Focus on your internal, move with your external and watch your life enable the benefits.

Running the Race

Lately I’ve been trying to get back in my normal routine of running again. 3 years ago I used to run 2 miles in the morning and 2 at night. At that time I was in a better state of mind. Recently due to the many hysterics of life I fell into a depression and stopped running. During this period of not running all of the negative things about my life was brought to the forefront. It’s as if I was reading the book of my life and highlighting the negative aspects of everything. Divorce,job, financial difficulties, love, relationships with family issues and the list goes on.

One day speaking to a close friend and he said “don’t let this break you”. I realized that I couldn’t watch myself wallow in misery any longer so I started to run in the early morning again, early rise when no one is out in about and I can hear nature speaking; the birds chirping and rustling trees in the breeze. 

This particular morning I ran and after the first mile, I was shocked I made it in a better time than other days. During the second mile at .40 I said “you know what I can do another mile… It’s not that bad”. During the 2-3 mile run I started to feel tired and I was saying to myself “I’m tired” but then a still small voice said no you are not. When I heard those words I picked up my speed and did not focus on my back which was showing discomfort. I kept repeating in my mind “I’m not tired, not tired”, over and over again and just like that I made my 3 mile mark. 

When running the race of life we need to focus on the result not the present pain and misfortune. The mind needs to lead by programming and instilling the opposites of what the body is feeling. When times are at it’s toughest we need to encourage ourselves to keep pushing and completely block the negative aspect of the current situation and realize there is an greater end result after all of the turmoil. 

Focus and have faith that you can and will finish and guess what you will finish everything you set your heart to. Just believe!

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