The Strength In Our Struggle

Some people get stuck in the struggle, not knowing what to do next and feeling helpless. We see the situation as probably one of the most painful situations that we have dealt with. The situation might feel like the most crippling, heart stifling, mind boggling, unbearable pain. This struggle is meant to build your strength not knock you down. There is a reason for those feelings to arise because the purpose within you is meant to feel the pain of what it takes to arrive at our dreams . Embrace your present weakness, be thankful because you’re being built for your greatness. The point though is to not get “stuck”. Not to feel like this is what you are, “Helpless”. Believe that you will have the skills that it takes to offer your purpose. The importance of Faith is imperative to becoming what God has destined for you. See the Blessing in the hardship and envision the overall blessing that will be the outcome. See your future as your destined kingship and you will receive your crown according to your mustard seed faith.  Mood: Blessed



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