Rebuilding your foundation

Sometimes to be completely brought to change many things must crumble and fall. If you have an old building and you want a more stable foundation such as new blocks and bricks held together by  cement that can’t break then some building owners will demolish the old building and create a more properly planned and stronger building. God builds us up and shapes us into what we are to be in his eyes. It may take years of building if God is for us who can be against us.Some need to be broken so that that they can be fixed.Things that are fixed can be harder to break down.Dont worry about the demolistion part of it, just think of the product and the constant appreciation to the  being guiding us.



Who knew that God had this plan? Surely we don’t know what God has in store but he prepares you for it. He even might give you preminissions regarding the possibilities.The
thoughts of wishing you could reverse time is always a thought but it is always the right time for his plan. The manifestation of Gods authority and power will overcome the impossible. We have fear that tries to sneak in a consume our mind but the authority and power within can crush every negative possibilty. If you think about it, every struggle in your life is preparing you for the next hardship. There are good seasons but there are bad ones. What I’ve learned is praise him at your best and love And praise him at your worst. Faith makes you understand that he is working everything out for good, regardless.


Let there be light in the darkest grim seasons.Where downpours and out pours our lessons and reasons.

Still nights of awakening frights of tragedy and past strife that

Leads our confusion to the illusion of misinterpreted delusions.

Soul searches grazes the cemented pavements of the heart.

Growth is imperative to the actual spiritual spark.

The flame will entice the gift of prosperity

Yet the process is a necessity

Let me be….

Drawn to the light.