Lately through all of the craziness and drama that has transpired I feel as if the walls are closing down on me. The idea that people are so loving and caring is so nil and void. Grant it that this is my season of growth of learning and for a better spiritual relationship with God but I can see many for their deceptive ways. I also feel that all those that pretend to care honestly don’t. Some people just want something to discuss. One of the most eye ooening experiences that Ive had was if you want to change your life and for the best people don’t draw the understanding until they have gone through a life changing experience similar to yours or that can create a change in their heart. Ive come to the realization that I will continue to become better. No matter how others talk and create me to be something that Im not or was but no longer want to be. I can’t please everyone but I can please God….