I remember learning a lesson of the ability to improvise in culinary arts. The lesson was to take leftovers from your last meal and make a new meal so if you had baked chicken the night before and there are leftovers you can either make a chicken salad or chicken soup the next day. This concept of continuing excellence is by far a trait we all need to have. The idea of taking something that is left back and already served to another level creating a new and better or rather different feel and experience with using what you have is genius. Goals are also set up that way. We have to feed off of our current day to day presentations and reuse them yet making them better or different in time to make a better product or to increase our worth. To take and recreate is what a lot of artistic people learn to do. If we continue to remix our passion we can learn to enjoy our talent on different levels at different times, therefore we create a better self in the process and help others enjoy how diverse we can be. How can you take what you have and make it better on a daily basis is the question we all must answer.  


Self Worth

When we take people for granted we don’t value the importance of that person. We might constantly devalue them until they’re driven so far from you to the point of no return. Most times that is the only way to actually learn their worth. When we look at ourselves as valuable then we will not allow others to impose their thoughts of you onto you. Making better choices and investing time with yourself will leave less opportunity for anyone to treat you any less than how you treat yourself.   

Closing Chapters

Your story should be awesome and fantastic right? Like watching a mini series where they can sum up what we do in a year in one day. Our story should have the best scenes and the best plot and nothing but blessings! If you didn’t know by now I’m being highly sarcastic and I know how it feels to think this way. There’s a saying that states “if God doesn’t open the door praise him in the hallway”. I take this to mean that when there are shut doors that are holding you back it’s obvious that your time in that room is still holding a lesson that needs to be learned and give your praise to God while waiting. 

Think of it like this to every great book the plot thinkins and the story gets juicy with every chapter to our lives but before the twist comes or grand finale occurs. That’s life.

Think of your chapters as learning lessons and eye openers but just know that this chapter is not the last chapter and you have ample time and opportunities to write a better story.

We must understand that when starting a new chapter to make sure that the old chapter needs a qualified ending that will not just catch the readers eyes but catch the writers eyes aswell.

Close every Chapter before starting anew. Never skip sections or you won’t understand the reason for the story.