I remember learning a lesson of the ability to improvise in culinary arts. The lesson was to take leftovers from your last meal and make a new meal so if you had baked chicken the night before and there are leftovers you can either make a chicken salad or chicken soup the next day. This concept of continuing excellence is by far a trait we all need to have. The idea of taking something that is left back and already served to another level creating a new and better or rather different feel and experience with using what you have is genius. Goals are also set up that way. We have to feed off of our current day to day presentations and reuse them yet making them better or different in time to make a better product or to increase our worth. To take and recreate is what a lot of artistic people learn to do. If we continue to remix our passion we can learn to enjoy our talent on different levels at different times, therefore we create a better self in the process and help others enjoy how diverse we can be. How can you take what you have and make it better on a daily basis is the question we all must answer.  


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