When fear takes over it becomes a disease that can cripple you in time. Fear starts as a mere thought of “what if I don’t”, “what if this happens” etc etc. Then we start to ponder on the idea of negativity. Unknowingly we create a negative outcome because of our constant negative thoughts. We have to purposely push and restrain negative thoughts and replace them with positive as soon as it rears it’s ugly head. The power of our future outcomes starts with how we control our minds. Our brain is a muscle and just like people exercise their body and eat healthy to establish a great physique is the same way we need to train our minds and exercise that muscle. First we need to detox from all the unhealthy thoughts and then feed our mind with ways to eliminate our ill thoughts and replace them with constant positive thoughts. Now comes the training which is maintained by daily reading, meditation, prayer and constant thoughts of only positivity and visions of the way you see your future and the “best you”. Fear needs to be cured by eliminating its growth and then detoxing the mind and then we can conquer our fears.fear


Sailors of Life

 We are sailors on a conquest called life. Though different types of weather might appear it’s all to benefit and create the “better you”. For instance look at the seasons in life. Every year we go through different seasons but the weather is not the same. In one year spring might be cloudy and rainy for quite a few days but in the next year spring might be humid and sunny with constant blue skies but have you ever noticed that trees and flowers don’t blossom as beautifully without rain. The same thing stands with a sailor and the storms of life. The skill that it takes to steer your ship through many storms comes from having to go through them and learning how to be able to know how to steer and what direction to go. Becoming a better sailor in life doesn’t come through very few trials and little to any hard times. Though being in our actual storms we feel as if it will never end but if we hold onto that steering wheel and we learn to use our mind, body and soul God will keep us grounded and help to properly position you on how to use your gifts in order to get through each storm. In the end we can look back at the adventure and be thankful to God for the waves and tumultuous weather because it’s those storms that taught you everything you know about being a skilled sailor in life.


Give of yourself

There was a time that I felt “ giving” was impossible for me. I thought it was impossible because I didn’t have the financial means to provide for people that I wanted to help along the way. As I get older I am realizing that if you are not in a position to give in a financial way there is so much more that you can give others. We can lend a helping hand, we can uplift others, we can give up our personal time to someone that doesn’t have too much time on their hands. We can use our talents to help others without looking for some form of profit. This is what giving is about. It’s not only about what we have in our pockets that can bless others, its what’s in our soul, heart and mind that can be beneficial to others. What can you do today that doesn’t require money that can help someone else?  


The feeling of being burdened down, misunderstood, in pain, unappreciated and distressed can take a toll on you. These feelings are only here to be a distraction to the bigger picture and the blessings that will be renewed in our lives.
There are times these feelings seem as if they will never go away but its the way that we choose to deal with it that can have you overcome. We can either choose to be miserable or choose to transform these pains into strength by changing our reactions, thoughts and mindset. One way we can do this is by doing the positive things that put pain to rest like watching something funny or sharing company of people that help you laugh. You can also read, write, pray, run, workout, clean, plan etc. Being I’m an introvert most time is spent alone so pain can be a real misfortune if I don’t keep myself busy.
Transforming the negative into a positive is a day to day process of constant restructuring ones mindset and actions but the outcome is worth it. Our healing is found in our transformation so be open to the change for the renewing of your soul.



The things around us that we encounter on a day to day basis can have us believing that we are not able to achieve what we set out for. Our minds tend to shame us or pull us down by making us feel our goals ahead are too great or too hard. This is a negative approach to life and by thinking this way we only draw negative energy into our lives. In order to achieve anything we first have to believe we can but if we have faith in God we know that we are not failures in life. If God has blessed you with a known talent or gift why would he want that gift to be wasted or not warranted for success? There is nothing impossible for the higher being that resides in us. Everything positive, everything of greatness, everything of good report, everything that is created to be a blessing is of the Creator so there is nothing he can’t do. Here’s what we can do, pray, believe and move forward and expect your blessings in due time.


“Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world”