Life Perspectives

Life is not meant to be merely easy. It is designed to structure us as individual and to make your soul flourish to becoming all that you were meant to be. There was a time I thought that if you have a better life with more finances and a big house and all that you’ve ever dreamed of that you will be more happy and satisfied in life but that is not happiness. Happiness is acceptance, love, appreciation of simple things and seeing things in a different light as well as understanding your purpose. We live in an unhappy world and it doesn’t pay that we have struggles and cares of this world but if we practice to not focus on all that is bad and start focusing on the greatness of life, the greatness of your journey knowing that there are so many people in worst situations, your perspective of life will dramatically change. We can’t harbor on the ills of life because that will create an illness of self. Change your perspective and redirect your outlook on life.



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