The things around us that we encounter on a day to day basis can have us believing that we are not able to achieve what we set out for. Our minds tend to shame us or pull us down by making us feel our goals ahead are too great or too hard. This is a negative approach to life and by thinking this way we only draw negative energy into our lives. In order to achieve anything we first have to believe we can but if we have faith in God we know that we are not failures in life. If God has blessed you with a known talent or gift why would he want that gift to be wasted or not warranted for success? There is nothing impossible for the higher being that resides in us. Everything positive, everything of greatness, everything of good report, everything that is created to be a blessing is of the Creator so there is nothing he can’t do. Here’s what we can do, pray, believe and move forward and expect your blessings in due time.


“Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world”



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