The feeling of being burdened down, misunderstood, in pain, unappreciated and distressed can take a toll on you. These feelings are only here to be a distraction to the bigger picture and the blessings that will be renewed in our lives.
There are times these feelings seem as if they will never go away but its the way that we choose to deal with it that can have you overcome. We can either choose to be miserable or choose to transform these pains into strength by changing our reactions, thoughts and mindset. One way we can do this is by doing the positive things that put pain to rest like watching something funny or sharing company of people that help you laugh. You can also read, write, pray, run, workout, clean, plan etc. Being I’m an introvert most time is spent alone so pain can be a real misfortune if I don’t keep myself busy.
Transforming the negative into a positive is a day to day process of constant restructuring ones mindset and actions but the outcome is worth it. Our healing is found in our transformation so be open to the change for the renewing of your soul.



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