Sailors of Life

 We are sailors on a conquest called life. Though different types of weather might appear it’s all to benefit and create the “better you”. For instance look at the seasons in life. Every year we go through different seasons but the weather is not the same. In one year spring might be cloudy and rainy for quite a few days but in the next year spring might be humid and sunny with constant blue skies but have you ever noticed that trees and flowers don’t blossom as beautifully without rain. The same thing stands with a sailor and the storms of life. The skill that it takes to steer your ship through many storms comes from having to go through them and learning how to be able to know how to steer and what direction to go. Becoming a better sailor in life doesn’t come through very few trials and little to any hard times. Though being in our actual storms we feel as if it will never end but if we hold onto that steering wheel and we learn to use our mind, body and soul God will keep us grounded and help to properly position you on how to use your gifts in order to get through each storm. In the end we can look back at the adventure and be thankful to God for the waves and tumultuous weather because it’s those storms that taught you everything you know about being a skilled sailor in life.



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