When fear takes over it becomes a disease that can cripple you in time. Fear starts as a mere thought of “what if I don’t”, “what if this happens” etc etc. Then we start to ponder on the idea of negativity. Unknowingly we create a negative outcome because of our constant negative thoughts. We have to purposely push and restrain negative thoughts and replace them with positive as soon as it rears it’s ugly head. The power of our future outcomes starts with how we control our minds. Our brain is a muscle and just like people exercise their body and eat healthy to establish a great physique is the same way we need to train our minds and exercise that muscle. First we need to detox from all the unhealthy thoughts and then feed our mind with ways to eliminate our ill thoughts and replace them with constant positive thoughts. Now comes the training which is maintained by daily reading, meditation, prayer and constant thoughts of only positivity and visions of the way you see your future and the “best you”. Fear needs to be cured by eliminating its growth and then detoxing the mind and then we can conquer our fears.fear


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