Becoming a Better You


There are several things that I always want to work on regarding myself and about 2 months ago I started to plan better because I have a tendency to procrastinate. I downloaded a planner kit (online). In this planner kit it gave me a series of things to jot down for the week that I can do from who did I meet that influenced me, what quotes or sayings that stood out, who do I want to meet, name three people I can influence this week and last but not least weekly goals. This has definitely made a major impact in my life. I spend quality time alone reflecting on my daily duties and it makes me feel productive and I start to feel that I am on the road to reaching my goals and full potential. The most important part of this all is understanding my purpose and striving for my ultimate goals in life. When we start to look at things differently and set goals for ourselves things start to fall into place and we feel and look less scattered and feel like life is more worthwhile. Try something new and you will have a sense achievements. You are on the road to becoming your better self so plan and execute your plans with daily applying and reflections on who you are and who you are destined to be.


Plain Jane

Is it me or has the world just gone absolutely crazy? It’s like the more weird you are the more popular you become. So I’m wondering on my plight to become successful what’s the weirdest thing that I can do? Should I sit in red dye and color my hair zebra stripes and claim my independence of being from mars waving a flag claiming I’m a Martian, or can I say that I want to procreate with insects and claim my rights to have little nats as children? Better yet should I become a thot for Jesus and claim that I twerk for the Lord and recruit gospel twerkers ?
I’m not sure how we are still looking at all these absurd equality rants as rights which are clearly getting more and more off the wall. The way of the world nowadays is to be as weird as Jayden Smith and go to weddings looking like a baptized super hero or wearing raw meat as clothes like Lady Gaga and call ourselves the new fashionista, better yet wearing salvation army clothes that have been riddled by moths and sell them for half a Million and call it Couture by Kanye.
As long as I have common sense and know my sanity is intact and I’m not possessed by the demons of Emily rose and my bed is not levitating at night or I am ok with wired hangers or Good with the ending of Misery; I will have to stick to using my senses and caution when it comes to making decisions. So If I feel like my dress makes me look like a walking placenta or my pants look like bubble wrap and aluminum foil nailed to my legs, I will gladly stay clear of these highly overqualified choices and just be a regular Joe Schmoe/ Plain Jane.


We often put up guards due to hurt and past experiences. These experiences have damaged us in a way that has affected us. A natural thing for us as humans is to protect ourselves. Sometimes this protection can interfere with our growth. In life we are required to grow and experience life on different levels. Guarding ourselves can stagnate our growth therefore we should strive to be transparent. To be transparent we allow the world to enjoy the greatness in us, to be seen as we are which is greater than what we portray ourselves to be. Transparency is being undisguised and allowing light to shine through so that all can be seen. Breaking down walls of hurt and pain to allow others to see how beautiful we truly are.

abstract image of a business people walking and standing in the lobby in intentional motion blur and a tint

abstract image of a business people walking and standing in the lobby in intentional motion blur and a tint

Got Life?

We often times think that life is about achieving money because money can help you live a more comfortable life but life is not that cut and dry. Yes we work, attend school and keep pushing to get up the ladder but are we also need to look at our individuality and how much growth we achieve spiritually? To obtain materialistic riches is not “Life”. Life is existence, growth and reproduction. How are we reproducing in life? How are we growing? We have to not only look to achieve the stability of money but we have to achieve stability of our soul and spirit which is our unique identity. We have to not only obtain but give. How we live our lives, the bonds we have, the connections we achieve is “life” and our existence. Each one of us has a reason and purpose here. Our purpose is the creativity and skill that was given to us and then in turn we are to use what was given to us to give to others. That is our purpose. That is life.untitled