Got Life?

We often times think that life is about achieving money because money can help you live a more comfortable life but life is not that cut and dry. Yes we work, attend school and keep pushing to get up the ladder but are we also need to look at our individuality and how much growth we achieve spiritually? To obtain materialistic riches is not “Life”. Life is existence, growth and reproduction. How are we reproducing in life? How are we growing? We have to not only look to achieve the stability of money but we have to achieve stability of our soul and spirit which is our unique identity. We have to not only obtain but give. How we live our lives, the bonds we have, the connections we achieve is “life” and our existence. Each one of us has a reason and purpose here. Our purpose is the creativity and skill that was given to us and then in turn we are to use what was given to us to give to others. That is our purpose. That is life.untitled


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