Becoming a Better You


There are several things that I always want to work on regarding myself and about 2 months ago I started to plan better because I have a tendency to procrastinate. I downloaded a planner kit (online). In this planner kit it gave me a series of things to jot down for the week that I can do from who did I meet that influenced me, what quotes or sayings that stood out, who do I want to meet, name three people I can influence this week and last but not least weekly goals. This has definitely made a major impact in my life. I spend quality time alone reflecting on my daily duties and it makes me feel productive and I start to feel that I am on the road to reaching my goals and full potential. The most important part of this all is understanding my purpose and striving for my ultimate goals in life. When we start to look at things differently and set goals for ourselves things start to fall into place and we feel and look less scattered and feel like life is more worthwhile. Try something new and you will have a sense achievements. You are on the road to becoming your better self so plan and execute your plans with daily applying and reflections on who you are and who you are destined to be.


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