Dear Queen

To Whom it may Concern,


There is the type of woman that doesn’t trust anyone because the closest ones have hurt her and she don’t open up easily.

The type of lady that hides her pain and but blows up at any given time when completely ignored.

The type of woman to accept her flaws maybe a little too much because not only do her opinions boggle her mind but everyone else’s opinion affects her as well.

The type of lady who doesn’t see much in dowsing oneself with excessive makeup and buying the newest high fashion clothes, She believes beauty is of the soul and heart and definitely of the mind.

The type of woman that is tired of loving the wrong person who has no remorse for the way they treat a woman; they accept the best part of her but when it doesn’t work for them she is dropped and disrespected when she was once a queen now is treated like a pawn.

The type of lady that doesn’t want to be mistreated so she stays to herself yet she feels alone and cries alone, so no one will see.

The type of woman who will fool you with the blessing of her beauty and have you think that she falls into the character of being unintelligent but the course of convo that one can spark with her will only have one intrigued, well if you are intelligent of course.


She is tired of games, you know the ones that people seem to play when they can’t seem to open up about the truth.

She’s tired of the heartless people in the world that appear to be the best thing in the world yet turn out to the worst thing that has happened to her.

She’s tired of trying to be the best she can be to so many people that can’t see what the best is.

She’s tired of allowing those that hurt her to just continue on with life instead of hurting them back for their  hurtful actions. Reason being she chooses to live her life by allowing God to take charge of the situation but this can be quite unbearable.


She is beyond frustrated with the heart that she has, it has caused her so much anger and so much distress.

She is tired of being this woman

Can she change this woman without breaking completely down? She doesn’t have a clue but only time can tell.





That type of Woman.



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