Give Thanks

In my line of work I am around patient’s that are fighting for their lives every day. We treat diseases with the hope that the outcome will be successful but that’s not the case all time. The strength of the patients can be so encouraging to me. I pity my life from time to time and when I pull myself into work I start to see things in a different light. My problems become minute because it could be worse. Then I look at my actions such as my frowning and sadness and I’m disgusted on how I am handling the issues in my life.

Many of the patient’s come in smiling, hopeful, joking and encouraging though they are in pain, hurting and facing different symptoms. The idea of being happy no matter what with a positive attitude makes me aware that I have to work on my gratitude to the Lord.

The Lord has provided me with the required necessities of life. Though I might not be at the level of some I am still not facing other trials that could have me completely incapable or disabled and even worse counting my days.

Learning to be grateful for the things we have and honoring God by thanking him for his mercy, grace and willingness to provide for us is what one should practice. We need to work on shaking off the negativity in each situation and speaking greatness and positivity into our lives. Be thankful for life, our children, our family, food, the ability to walk, talk, hear etc. We can find so many things to thank the Lord for; so the next time you feel that woe is me attitude quickly replace it with thankfulness and remain uplifted having faith that “this too shall pass”.



Total Praise

Lately I’ve been going through a number of trials so  I started to reflect on Gods messages during these trials. “Draw nigh unto God and he will draw nigh unto you” & “delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart” and what better way to draw close to God and delight myself in him but to simply “praise” him.

Praise in the time of trouble is the ultimate faith. What we are saying is we love the Lord no matter what and we trust him therefore we will praise him. In the bible praise wasnt  always associated with a blessing that occurred it was also tied to harsh times for some saints as well. Job praised the Lord even in his trials, he found a way to thank the Lord. Paul and Silas praised the Lord in the cell and the cell door swung open. Praise is a form of mending your trials, healing your body, claiming victory, initiating a break through. Our praise is an upliftment of God and us declaring his power within the trials. Its taking action and being happy within the misery in order to claim the victory.

So now when I get up in the morning I praise God and when I get home I praise him. I simply put on my music and sing and praise him though all around me has closed in on me and I know that one day my door will open just like it did for Paul and Silas.


I sat down this weekend with my son, who is 5 and read the story of Moses. While listening to the narrator tell the story one thing that stood out is God told Moses “trust me”. Maybe because at the end of everypage it was repeated but it was a powerful message. Before Moses went to pharaoh he  would question God “well what if…” and God would always tell him trust me, for I am with you. Something this goes on in our day to day life when things seem almost impossible we create excuses for God’s plan. Jonah didn’t listen to Gods voice and he wound up in the belly of the whale.

This too is our lesson that when we side with doubt or merely not listen to God we will end up in a place of regret. If God is the ” greater” that is within us which is greater than he that is within this world why do we make excuses. Excuses are the enemies tactics to put fear and doubt when all we need to do is simply have faith and realize that no matter how bad the situation is, no matter how broken you feel you are, no matter how sick one might him.God can restore, mend and heal because greater is he and all we need to do is “TRUST” him.

A little child shall lead them

Being an adult doesn’t always mean we have the answers to everything and there are many things we learn and even through our children. God can speak to us through anyone and what better way to show us ourselves and initiate growth by using our kids. Our kids tend to be a lesson in how to love and how to communicate and even maturity. There are times my son speaks and I admire him and he teaches me different things . I see the power of God through my children and I am more grateful for their strength because they make me stronger in the hardships of life. If you instill the Lord and his words into their lives you can expect that child to lead you to some of your answers. They are the example and a reflection of ourselves, a mirror of us and as we teach them the path in which to walk they will have some incite on the path we need to take. Pay attention to your kids because they in fact have something to teach you by our creator.

“train up a child in the way he should go.” (Proverbs 22:6

True Identity

While we are growing up we tend to take on personalities of our parents. We might laugh like them, talk like them, eat or simply have the same facial expressions as them.

This tends to change a little as we move out and experience life. The everyday people around us influence us a great deal. Little do we know we start to have ways that mimic them as well. Yet when do we step back and understand who we really are?  These different masks that we have sized ourselves up for  have become a identity that’s concealed. Concealed for fear of no acceptance. That’s why we must strive to never lose track of who we are and what our true identity is. The things that make us happy and directly touch our emotions is who we really are. Once we’ve learned to mask our true identity without understanding who we really are can only  lead us down the road of unhappiness, pain and possibly destroying us to the core. This pain will stem from trying to keep up and be these different faces and characters we’ve picked up along the way.

If we could only learn to unmask ourselves and embrace ourselves and let others see our true identity instead of shielding our inner beauty and grace as it is going to be attacked and rejected, when in fact we are truly rejecting ourselves and allowing others to reject us.

Patiently Waiting

Often times our prayers are not answered immediately and sometimes they are not answered in the way we thought it would be answered but they are answered. Very rarely do we pray and the very next moment there’s an answer. What I am learning is the time after the prayer is the crucial time. This is the time that we show our character and our willingness to believe. In this time we either grow closer or we choose to lose hope and fall helpless when we in fact need to remember our calling to be kings and queens of our throne. We have to walk in our greatness and while we are waiting we must prepare for the best that will come. Draw close to God and he will draw near to you and that is what we need to do, while we patiently wait.

Restore and Rebuild

When you live in a home that is not maintained you witness things completely falling apart. The paint gets old the cabinets need adjusting and your appliances need fixing, your carpet needs cleaning and sometimes you need to completely renovate and tear down the old and put up new things. This also goes for our body which is our personal home. What makes up our home is spirituality, character, mental stability etc. When we don’t maintain ourselves with what makes up our body inside and outside you will see a drastic change, we tend to be less motivated, saddened, grumpy, weary, lose or gain weight and the sense of defeat starts to settle in. We have to treat ourselves better in order to do better. We have to be fed spiritually, mentally and we have to do it constantly. Sometimes we have to completely hit a breaking point in order to build ourselves back up but we have to constantly try to move forward with rebuilding our establishment. Feeding ourselves faith, God, motivation, inspiration, drive and be willing to move forward with the building process. The point is to never give up, never stop building and when you are done with your new establishment the strength and beauty of what was built will be of quality. Let us rebuild and maintain who we are and put an effort into creating the best home for ourselves.

rebuild ing