Be Still in the Storm

​When we experience a storm as a child, we generally do one of these few things, hide, get under the covers, close our ears or watch and some might find their Mom and snuggle up under her arms.All of these actions as a child are done mostly out of fear except the child that watches. This child is the “be still” child. This child whether or not they are aware is practicing faith. Being still and having peace in the storms of life is not giving power to fear but power to faith. One is telling the storm that you will not be moved, that you will not be stirred up in the midst of the uphevel, the crashing, the dark skies because the peace in you is looking past the skies and looking for the Sun. The “be still” child is visioning the end of the storm and they know it will be over soon, and with that childlike understanding, that storm has no other choice but to follow the command of the creator and simply pass. We must be like this child in the storm of life, we must believe that this too shall pass and practice the faith of the ” be still” child and the storm will eventually heed to your peace and match your actions to “Be Still”.


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