Solid Foundation

When I was younger and I heard the story the 3 little pigs, it would scare me to my wits but it taught me to think better and to not think foolishly which is similar to a parable in the Bible. Looking back on that story now I know that it was teaching us how to build a foundation, a strong foundation. My belief is the story teller was using the scripture to teach a valuable lesson  but from young to old. If we were to tell a child “build your foundation with something strong” A child will look at you without truly understanding the concept. Within this same story I believe  the storyteller was also a believer of “train a child in the way they should go and when he is old he will not depart from it” being his importance of making a children’s story about to teach the youth. That’s why this story is very important with teaching the youth and also adults about building on a strong foundation.

The Foundation we build with God is important to our ability to stand in the time of turmoil, disturbance and mayhem. With life there is a season to change, change summons irregular activities and discomfort. During this time our spirit if not completely built on the founder (the rock) can fall or get damaged. Our foundation needs to be intact and built on the rock because that is the only one who can help us stand the tests of time. Let us prepare for our season of turmoil, let us build our house on a rock and by doing so while we are sanctioned to “Stand”  there will be no wind, storm or wolf that wants to huff and puff and blow our house down that will succeed with doing so because we were set to remain grounded on “the rock”.



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