Restore and Rebuild

When you live in a home that is not maintained you witness things completely falling apart. The paint gets old the cabinets need adjusting and your appliances need fixing, your carpet needs cleaning and sometimes you need to completely renovate and tear down the old and put up new things. This also goes for our body which is our personal home. What makes up our home is spirituality, character, mental stability etc. When we don’t maintain ourselves with what makes up our body inside and outside you will see a drastic change, we tend to be less motivated, saddened, grumpy, weary, lose or gain weight and the sense of defeat starts to settle in. We have to treat ourselves better in order to do better. We have to be fed spiritually, mentally and we have to do it constantly. Sometimes we have to completely hit a breaking point in order to build ourselves back up but we have to constantly try to move forward with rebuilding our establishment. Feeding ourselves faith, God, motivation, inspiration, drive and be willing to move forward with the building process. The point is to never give up, never stop building and when you are done with your new establishment the strength and beauty of what was built will be of quality. Let us rebuild and maintain who we are and put an effort into creating the best home for ourselves.

rebuild ing



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