True Identity

While we are growing up we tend to take on personalities of our parents. We might laugh like them, talk like them, eat or simply have the same facial expressions as them.

This tends to change a little as we move out and experience life. The everyday people around us influence us a great deal. Little do we know we start to have ways that mimic them as well. Yet when do we step back and understand who we really are?  These different masks that we have sized ourselves up for  have become a identity that’s concealed. Concealed for fear of no acceptance. That’s why we must strive to never lose track of who we are and what our true identity is. The things that make us happy and directly touch our emotions is who we really are. Once we’ve learned to mask our true identity without understanding who we really are can only  lead us down the road of unhappiness, pain and possibly destroying us to the core. This pain will stem from trying to keep up and be these different faces and characters we’ve picked up along the way.

If we could only learn to unmask ourselves and embrace ourselves and let others see our true identity instead of shielding our inner beauty and grace as it is going to be attacked and rejected, when in fact we are truly rejecting ourselves and allowing others to reject us.


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