I sat down this weekend with my son, who is 5 and read the story of Moses. While listening to the narrator tell the story one thing that stood out is God told Moses “trust me”. Maybe because at the end of everypage it was repeated but it was a powerful message. Before Moses went to pharaoh he  would question God “well what if…” and God would always tell him trust me, for I am with you. Something this goes on in our day to day life when things seem almost impossible we create excuses for God’s plan. Jonah didn’t listen to Gods voice and he wound up in the belly of the whale.

This too is our lesson that when we side with doubt or merely not listen to God we will end up in a place of regret. If God is the ” greater” that is within us which is greater than he that is within this world why do we make excuses. Excuses are the enemies tactics to put fear and doubt when all we need to do is simply have faith and realize that no matter how bad the situation is, no matter how broken you feel you are, no matter how sick one might him.God can restore, mend and heal because greater is he and all we need to do is “TRUST” him.


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