Give Thanks

In my line of work I am around patient’s that are fighting for their lives every day. We treat diseases with the hope that the outcome will be successful but that’s not the case all time. The strength of the patients can be so encouraging to me. I pity my life from time to time and when I pull myself into work I start to see things in a different light. My problems become minute because it could be worse. Then I look at my actions such as my frowning and sadness and I’m disgusted on how I am handling the issues in my life.

Many of the patient’s come in smiling, hopeful, joking and encouraging though they are in pain, hurting and facing different symptoms. The idea of being happy no matter what with a positive attitude makes me aware that I have to work on my gratitude to the Lord.

The Lord has provided me with the required necessities of life. Though I might not be at the level of some I am still not facing other trials that could have me completely incapable or disabled and even worse counting my days.

Learning to be grateful for the things we have and honoring God by thanking him for his mercy, grace and willingness to provide for us is what one should practice. We need to work on shaking off the negativity in each situation and speaking greatness and positivity into our lives. Be thankful for life, our children, our family, food, the ability to walk, talk, hear etc. We can find so many things to thank the Lord for; so the next time you feel that woe is me attitude quickly replace it with thankfulness and remain uplifted having faith that “this too shall pass”.



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