In the bible prior to Jesus being crucified sacrificing was a ritual to be done for the Lord. People would either sacrifice for cleansing/forgiveness or to hear from God. Jesus became the ultimate sacrifice but sacrificing is still being done to get a word from God or for certain things that we need to rid ourselves from. This sacrifice is called fasting. When we fast we are sacrificing self and things that we normally do to show that we are willing to strip ourselves of the things we love or like in order to be closer to God. While we fast we pray and have faith that the Lord is accepting of our sacrifice. Let us take the time to take a closer walk in life with God by fasting and praying for everything that might be bothering you, closeness, love, peace and so many things that we all need to work on in order to live a Christ like life.




Alone in your presence 

  1. There are times that I have to shut the world out; quite often I do that so that I can be at peace and feel God. To be absent from the body yet present in the spirit is a life altering and growth experience. The stresses of life can have us wound up,seeking help,uneasy, unhappy and ready to crumble. When we feel these feelings it’s time for us to regroup, readjust and reinstate what God has placed in our hearts and that is peace. The hurt, pain and hardships of this world are only distractions to seperate us from the peace we deserve but when we are alone in his presence we reestablish the grace that surpaces all understanding. What a feeling to be silent and feel Gods presence! “Alone in the presence of you”.