Step out of your Darkness

Often times we go through tunnels and run track races in life with many hurdles but these hurdles are thrown into our race with many unexpected areas of our race. At those very moments we go into hiding and deal with our loss, defeats and setbacks within those same tunnels we are “passing through”. 

The unexpected hurdles and dark tunnels are seemingly never ending and is a distraction from what we are being prepared for and approaching in our future. It’s more realistic to be in a dark place and only see darkness ahead. I was always taught to allow faith to be our flashlight and let our races be our practice for an expected win.

We cannot live our lives only expecting what we see at our times of defeat. Simply accepting the defeat and acknowledging a better outcome and result is how we become a magnetic force in our lives. Claiming our victory through our times of calamity and warfare is practicing our celebrations. You can’t set your mind up to become better if you can’t think better.

Step out of your darkness by simply walking to a light that is not visible and jumping hurdles with protective gear on, equipped with strategies of jumping higher and running faster to get to the finish line. Step out of your darkness with gratitude knowing that you’ve become a well seasoned competitor and a wise fighter through the darkest of nights and let that be a reminder that if you face another race or pass through another tunnel that you are equipped to make a grand entrance and eventually a grand finale.