True Identity

While we are growing up we tend to take on personalities of our parents. We might laugh like them, talk like them, eat or simply have the same facial expressions as them.

This tends to change a little as we move out and experience life. The everyday people around us influence us a great deal. Little do we know we start to have ways that mimic them as well. Yet when do we step back and understand who we really are?  These different masks that we have sized ourselves up for  have become a identity that’s concealed. Concealed for fear of no acceptance. That’s why we must strive to never lose track of who we are and what our true identity is. The things that make us happy and directly touch our emotions is who we really are. Once we’ve learned to mask our true identity without understanding who we really are can only  lead us down the road of unhappiness, pain and possibly destroying us to the core. This pain will stem from trying to keep up and be these different faces and characters we’ve picked up along the way.

If we could only learn to unmask ourselves and embrace ourselves and let others see our true identity instead of shielding our inner beauty and grace as it is going to be attacked and rejected, when in fact we are truly rejecting ourselves and allowing others to reject us.


Patiently Waiting

Often times our prayers are not answered immediately and sometimes they are not answered in the way we thought it would be answered but they are answered. Very rarely do we pray and the very next moment there’s an answer. What I am learning is the time after the prayer is the crucial time. This is the time that we show our character and our willingness to believe. In this time we either grow closer or we choose to lose hope and fall helpless when we in fact need to remember our calling to be kings and queens of our throne. We have to walk in our greatness and while we are waiting we must prepare for the best that will come. Draw close to God and he will draw near to you and that is what we need to do, while we patiently wait.

Restore and Rebuild

When you live in a home that is not maintained you witness things completely falling apart. The paint gets old the cabinets need adjusting and your appliances need fixing, your carpet needs cleaning and sometimes you need to completely renovate and tear down the old and put up new things. This also goes for our body which is our personal home. What makes up our home is spirituality, character, mental stability etc. When we don’t maintain ourselves with what makes up our body inside and outside you will see a drastic change, we tend to be less motivated, saddened, grumpy, weary, lose or gain weight and the sense of defeat starts to settle in. We have to treat ourselves better in order to do better. We have to be fed spiritually, mentally and we have to do it constantly. Sometimes we have to completely hit a breaking point in order to build ourselves back up but we have to constantly try to move forward with rebuilding our establishment. Feeding ourselves faith, God, motivation, inspiration, drive and be willing to move forward with the building process. The point is to never give up, never stop building and when you are done with your new establishment the strength and beauty of what was built will be of quality. Let us rebuild and maintain who we are and put an effort into creating the best home for ourselves.

rebuild ing


Sacraficing Self

The bible is there to be an example for us. The way that the Biblical characters handled situations is there to train us in the way that we should go. Our biggest example is Jesus who sacrificed himself for our sins teaching us what it is to sacrifice. To sacrifice means a great deal to spiritual growth. Letting go of bad habits, separating ourselves from things we were not disciplined in and gravitating to the teachings of God. Learning to sacrifice ourselves for personal growth and the growth of others around us is the duty of man. We must walk accordingly, talk accordingly and train ourselves in the way we should go. We do these things not for show but for the law of the Lord to be instilled in our lives and eventually lead us in everything we do without even trying because it has become a habit. “We must sacrifice the worst part of us to become the best part of us.”



Solid Foundation

When I was younger and I heard the story the 3 little pigs, it would scare me to my wits but it taught me to think better and to not think foolishly which is similar to a parable in the Bible. Looking back on that story now I know that it was teaching us how to build a foundation, a strong foundation. My belief is the story teller was using the scripture to teach a valuable lesson  but from young to old. If we were to tell a child “build your foundation with something strong” A child will look at you without truly understanding the concept. Within this same story I believe  the storyteller was also a believer of “train a child in the way they should go and when he is old he will not depart from it” being his importance of making a children’s story about to teach the youth. That’s why this story is very important with teaching the youth and also adults about building on a strong foundation.

The Foundation we build with God is important to our ability to stand in the time of turmoil, disturbance and mayhem. With life there is a season to change, change summons irregular activities and discomfort. During this time our spirit if not completely built on the founder (the rock) can fall or get damaged. Our foundation needs to be intact and built on the rock because that is the only one who can help us stand the tests of time. Let us prepare for our season of turmoil, let us build our house on a rock and by doing so while we are sanctioned to “Stand”  there will be no wind, storm or wolf that wants to huff and puff and blow our house down that will succeed with doing so because we were set to remain grounded on “the rock”.


Be Still in the Storm

​When we experience a storm as a child, we generally do one of these few things, hide, get under the covers, close our ears or watch and some might find their Mom and snuggle up under her arms.All of these actions as a child are done mostly out of fear except the child that watches. This child is the “be still” child. This child whether or not they are aware is practicing faith. Being still and having peace in the storms of life is not giving power to fear but power to faith. One is telling the storm that you will not be moved, that you will not be stirred up in the midst of the uphevel, the crashing, the dark skies because the peace in you is looking past the skies and looking for the Sun. The “be still” child is visioning the end of the storm and they know it will be over soon, and with that childlike understanding, that storm has no other choice but to follow the command of the creator and simply pass. We must be like this child in the storm of life, we must believe that this too shall pass and practice the faith of the ” be still” child and the storm will eventually heed to your peace and match your actions to “Be Still”.

Caught Up


We get caught up. Caught up in problems, caught up in gossip, caught up in our surroundings, caught up with what others think of us, caught up in the latest show, caught up in social media, caught up with work, caught up with looking great but when do we get caught up in God?

If we replaced some of the things that we get caught up in with reading Gods word or investing personal time with the Lord like meditation and prayer how much better would we be as people? How much spiritual wealth would we obtain? God is a necessity and is needed more than the things that are essential to being healthy because God replaces illness with health and mental stability.

God is needed just like Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is needed but we seem to put him on the back burner. We tend to not see him so we tend not to worry about his presence nor him being our “ Meal Replacement”.

Let us worry! Because “a tree planted by the rivers of water, bringeth forth his fruit in his season”. Just like we eat and grow in body mass or build muscle we grow in personal and spiritual gain and if “ we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” why are we not growing spiritually?  When we grow spiritually our outlook changes, our heart and words change. Whatever you put in your body is what we are, it’s what others experience and what shines through from the relationship that we have with our father. Start getting less caught up with the world and start to get caught up with God.busyness